“Exploring the Life and Achievements of Kathryn Burrhus”

Who is Kathryn Burrhus?

Kathryn Burrhus, a former American celebrity family member, gained recognition as the ex-wife of the renowned “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Steve Austin, born Steven James Anderson on December 18, 1964, in Victoria, Texas, is a distinguished American film actor and retired professional wrestler. Making his debut on September 30, 1989, Steve Austin is also a published author, having written books such as “The Stone Cold Truth” and “Cause Stone Said So!”

During his active years as a professional wrestler, Steve Austin adopted the ring name Stone Cold Steve Austin. He officially retired on March 30, 2003 (original retirement) and made a one-off return on April 2, 2022. At present, he is 58 years old and stands at a height of 1.8 meters.

Now, let’s delve into Kathryn Burrhus’ biography, exploring aspects such as her career, age, parents, marriage to Steve Austin, children, and net worth. This article aims to provide insights into Kathryn Burrhus’ life, uncovering details that may not be widely known. Before we delve into her story, let’s start with a brief profile summary.

Kathryn Burrhus gained recognition as the former wife of the renowned personality Steve Austin. Her association with Steve Austin, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has brought her into the spotlight. Kathryn Burrhus is acknowledged as a celebrity ex-wife, and while specific details about her career may not be widely known, her public persona is tied to her high-profile marriage.

As for her estimated net worth, it is reported to be around $30 million, reflecting the financial aspects of her life. Additionally, it’s interesting to note that her lucky color is green, adding a personal touch to her public profile. This detail adds a unique and personal aspect to Kathryn Burrhus’ public image, showcasing a glimpse into her preferences or beliefs.

While Kathryn Burrhus may not be as widely recognized as some celebrities, her association with Steve Austin and the details about her net worth and lucky color provide insights into her public persona.

Profile Summary:

  • Name: Kathryn Burrhus
  • Date of Birth: August 29, 1952
  • Age: 71 years
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Ex-Husband: Steve Austin
  • Net Worth: $200,000

Kathryn Burrhus, born on August 29, 1952, is a 71-year-old American individual with a Virgo zodiac sign. She gained public recognition as the ex-wife of Steve Austin. Despite not being as widely known as her former spouse, her life is marked by these key details. Kathryn Burrhus’ net worth is estimated to be $200,000, showcasing the financial aspect of her public profile.

Physical Stats:

  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Body Measurement: Slim body
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown

Kathryn Burrhus possesses a slender physique with a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a weight of 58 kg. Her body type is characterized as slim, and she maintains a slim body with distinctive features. Kathryn’s blonde hair complements her overall appearance, while her brown eyes add a warm and engaging touch to her physical attributes. These details provide a glimpse into Kathryn Burrhus’s distinctive physical characteristics.

Kathryn Career

Kathryn Burrhus’ career has been somewhat elusive in the public eye, primarily gaining attention due to her relationship with Steve Austin, also known as Stone Cold. Despite never directly addressing the media together, their connection thrust Burrhus into the spotlight.

Unfortunately, reliable information regarding Kathryn Burrhus’ career or current occupation is not readily available. Consequently, details about her professional life and earnings remain elusive.

It is known that she encountered her future spouse while engaged in work within the public domain. Similar to many partners of well-known individuals, Kathryn Burrhus has found success in various areas. Even though her partner, Steve Austin, was actively competing with other notable figures, she played a significant role in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

While specific details about her professional endeavors may be limited, it is evident that Kathryn Burrhus has navigated a career within the public eye, contributing to her recognition.


Kathryn Burrhus has found herself in the public eye due to her relationship with Steve Austin, also known as Stone Cold, although the couple has maintained a private stance in the media. Despite the attention their association has garnered, concrete information about Kathryn Burrhus’s professional endeavors or current occupation remains scarce, making it challenging to assess her financial standing.

Details about her career and earnings are not readily available, adding a layer of mystery to her professional life. Kathryn Burrhus, like many partners of well-known figures, has achieved success in various fields. Her introduction to her future spouse occurred while she was actively engaged in work within the public domain.

While specifics about her professional achievements are limited, it is apparent that Kathryn Burrhus has played a significant role in the WWE, contributing to the wrestling industry. Her journey in the public eye reflects the challenges of navigating fame while maintaining privacy, adding an intriguing dimension to her story.

Kathryn Burrhus Net Worth

Kathryn Burrhus’s net worth is reported to be in the million-dollar range, with the primary source of her wealth attributed to her former husband’s successful career. While specific figures are not disclosed, it’s evident that a substantial portion of Kathryn Burrhus’s financial standing is linked to the work of her ex-husband, Steve Austin.

Steve Austin, her former spouse, boasts a net worth of approximately $30 million. His earnings stem from various endeavors, including acting, writing, and professional wrestling. Despite their separation, both Kathryn Burrhus and Stone Cold Steve Austin continue to invest significant time and effort, a considerable portion of which goes towards supporting their family.

Apart from their individual pursuits, Kathryn Burrhus and Stone Cold Steve Austin share the joy of raising morally upright children, demonstrating a shared source of happiness in their familial bonds. While the specifics of Kathryn Burrhus’s net worth may be private, it is apparent that their dedication to family and mutual interests contributes to their overall satisfaction and well-being.


Kathryn Burrhus emerges as an enigmatic figure, primarily recognized for her historical connection with the legendary wrestler and entertainer, Steve Austin. Born in 1965, her life unfolded through a journey that intertwined with Steve Austin, starting from their high school and college days and culminating in their marriage in 1990. Unfortunately, their union faced challenges, leading to a divorce in 1992.

Kathryn Burrhus’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate and mysterious nature of relationships and fame, leaving unanswered questions about her life beyond the public gaze. Her deliberate choice to remain private highlights the complexities that accompany a life touched by both relationships and the spotlight


Q: Who is Kathryn Burrhus?

A: Kathryn Burrhus is most notably recognized as the ex-wife of Steve Austin, a renowned WWE wrestler and entertainer.

Q:When did Steve Austin marry Kathryn Burrhus?

Steve Austin and Kathryn Burrhus exchanged vows on November 24, 1990.

Q:When did Steve Austin and Kathryn Burrhus divorce?

Steve Austin and Kathryn Burrhus ended their marriage with a divorce in 1992.

Q: What is Kathryn Burrhus’s background and nationality?

Kathryn Burrhus is an American, and her ethnic background is white.

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